Sierpinski Dog

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Sierpinski Dog

Post by Johnno » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:00 am

John Sierpinski was a Taupo angler of great repute back in the ‘50s and ‘60s and wrote a very good fishing book. He had a series of flies tied with possum fur and was probably the first to use it as he did as hackle on flys, way before George Gatchell came up with his Very famous Burglar.

Anyway the Sierpinski Dog was a fly that was and still is extremely successful and it amazes me that it really didn’t catch on outside of a few devout users in the Taupo area. I use the red body a lot, also green. Orange too did well for me many years back on the Tongariro. Tie them sparse as possum fur can be quite buoyant. Plus the body colour shows through the possum fur which will flow and ripple through the current. John Morton had a similar fly the Fuzz

Hook is 2 to 10, tail is black dog, goat or squirrel, body chenille or mohair colour to suit, and the “hackle” is natural dark possum fur wrapped around the hook middle and front. The smaller sizes can just have the front hackle. (Hint use a 10 or 12 as a Stillwater fly...)


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