Any luck?

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Re: Any luck?

Post by WiscoNZ » Tue May 29, 2018 8:19 pm

Andy W wrote:
Mon May 28, 2018 12:16 pm
WiscoNZ wrote:
Sat May 26, 2018 2:17 pm
Any one had luck in the hydro canals? My friend has went down 3 weeks in a row and caught nothing big at all.
You might an idea of how it is going down there from the Complete Angler FB page, as there has been a lot of canal fishers posting on there in the past.

Generally speaking "nothing big" is better than "nothing at all" - which is what it can be like if there are no escapees. If I had $100.00 for every day I was there and hooked nothing at all targeting salmon and monsters, and the same applied to the gun fisho's doing the miles up and down, then I would have a good chunk of dosh in my bank account to spend on more fishing gear. Much more enjoyable going to fish it for the 3 lb'ers on a caddis at night in summer.
I'll check that out, thanks for the tip. I guess the idea overall when fishing there from what I understand is just trying to get lucky on one of those monsters. You're right overall I'd rather just catch fish period, but it's a bit of a trip for me down so, I'm trying to increase my odds and make a move when it seems people are having luck. I have trouble keeping still while fishing. I far far prefer to stalk up river all day. Just so exciting. But if theres a chance to hook up on one of those stupid sized ones just for fun I'd love to. Thanks for the tips. Hopefully people are having some luck out there. My river of choice is completely so devoid of fish right now on top of the unending rain. Just uggg. I've got my eye on a lake that opens up june 1st I'll make a try at soon hopefully.

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