Simms boots; Guide G3 vs Freestone

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Simms boots; Guide G3 vs Freestone

Post by DanielHunt » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:06 pm

I'm mostly based in Mid-Canterbury with braided rivers.
Looking at buying wading boots for the first time.
Bought wifey a pair of Simms Freestones and Simms gravel guard booties for Xmas, and she loves them.
I'm leaning more towards the Guide G3 for myself, because of the better arch support and dryland capabilities.
However, the lack of rugged randing makes me nervous about how long they might last versus the Freestone.
Specifically, the simple toe-cap design looks weak and vulnerable to failure.
I wouldn't select them as a hunting boot, but unsure how necessary a full rand really is in a river, where most stones are rounded.
Can anyone please share their experiences with the two models?

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