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For Sale

Post by OneHairyArm » Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:55 pm

(Steve please delete if this isn't cool - cheers)

Hi guys,

I have sitting on my desk at work the modified Winston Taper back from Mike, and already have a multitude of 4wts. I don't see me fishing this one often or at all. So am looking to flick it off.
Here's the link of when I first posted it. ... 4123;st=10

I think Wilki enjoyed it enough. So it has been fished but is in very good nick.
It has a very small tweek in last 5inchs of the tip but doesn't affect the casting/handling. It's not nodeless but does have the bamboo ferrule. I don't have more photo's here with me but can take some if needed. It really is a joy to cast.

So yeah a 7'3" 4wt with bamboo ferrule single tip, If you think it might be a bit of you, or someone you know please PM with a offer and we'll go from there.


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