Next steps for fresh water...

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Next steps for fresh water...

Post by Steve » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:48 pm

This consultation doc has been out for a while now and submissions are due in on Friday - so if you agree with Nick Smith that rivers should be wadable you don't need to do anything - on the other hand, if you are a fly fisher and think rivers should be at least swimable then you might have something you want to say to Nick Smith so hears your chance!

You can find stuff from this page Next steps for fresh water: Consultation document

The whole report

I haven't read this yet so sorry can't provide much, but did receive this email below for some ideas on how to proceed;

To Freshwater Consultation, Ministry for the Environment

E mail
Phone number

1. Water is a public resource. The Prime Minister’s claim it “belongs top no one” is nonsense. It belongs to the people.
2. Minister Nick Smith wants to lower standards to “boatable and wadeable”. Rivers should be clean and “swimmable”- at the least.
3. There are several causes to the deterioration of rivers-urban effluent, dairying, and forestry. Having large areas of dairying or forestry is bad planning.
4. Having a price on water and allowing these to be traded is wrong.
5. Rivers must be managed as a “whole” not split into sections with varying standards i.e. freshwater management units.
6. For under 5 million people, NZ’s state of rivers is a disgrace. Flows are disappearing. Rivers are now dry where once they were popular with swimmers and anglers.
6. NZ’s “100% pure” and “clean and green” is looking like lies!

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Re: Next steps for fresh water...

Post by paulve » Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:49 pm

Thanks for the prompter Steve,

I've used the template and expanded upon it considerably before pressing the send button. I must be engaged in this topic as I found myself typing rather a lot.

Send a message to our government. We should be aiming hgh for water quality and quantity, not conveniently low!



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