Changes to freshwater standards - get your submissions in

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Changes to freshwater standards - get your submissions in

Post by Steve » Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:00 am

Changes to freshwater standards - get your submissions in

The recently announced changes by the government are what us anglers have been waiting for, for a very long time, it is vitally important anglers all have their say and support the changes. I would go so far as to say this, for our fresh water fisheries, is probably the most important moment in our individual lifetimes, so Please, Please, put the time in to have your say and support the changes the Government has announced.

Remember those opposed to change, those that think it is OK to pollute our water ways, will be very active in trying to get this watered down, we need to counter that.

Here are some links from Fish and Game to help;

A Briefing of the info you need to make a submission

And here's a link to the official information and submission page

If you are time short, here's a link you can use that takes a couple of clicks to send a submission, click on 'take action' at the top of the page.

And thanks for supporting this

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Re: Changes to freshwater standards - get your submissions in

Post by Dave » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:17 am

I have had a look at the documents, been to a meeting and will make a submission. The biggest issue I see with all of this is that it still relies on the Regional Councils to implement and enforce the rules. Here in Southland, the Regional Council has failed to do its job and has let the waterways get into the condition they are in now. This is hardly surprising when at least 50% of the present councillors are farmers ( I suspect another is a retired farmer as well). To make the improvements required these controls need to be taken away from the regional councils and given to an organisation that actually wants to improve water quality.
The meeting i went to was an absolute farce and there was a lot of shouting from two groups - farmers and those trying to improve the lower Waiau. The farmers tried to take over the meeting from the start and it was clear from some of the questions that they either had not read the documents or were just trying to divert attention away from them to the urban areas (who have work to do as well). They also asked for more time. These are normal farming responses to their environmental issues - diversion and delays. The lower Waiau group have a legitimate concern as the river suffers greatly from how it is managed by the operation on Manapouri Power Station and like other major hydro stations it is except from the rules.
The meeting was also pretty angry, to such an extent that I was not game to ask the questions I had.
Unfortunately I don't see the improvements suggested happening in the time suggested in the Government plan.

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