Rafting operation for the ..... Mataura!

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Re: Rafting operation for the ..... Mataura!

Post by Drifter » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:12 am

The RMA clears up that muddy water mr Cravens , you undertake an activity in exchange for cash , you have environmental effects , you have effects on amenity , fish , bird,s ( particularly at nesting time) & what about the river bed you disturb when your 4wd across creeks , rivers , brades or wading with your clients ,helicopter landings ,jet boats , rafts , have you had a roading manager inspect your turning off points such as gates this is instrumental for health & safety and also any potential payout for insurance , I think your the missing the point mr Cravens you & I are exactly the same both undertaking a commercial activity on public land but the difference is I have taken the steps to get compliant .
If you were on speaking terms with your president he would likely point this out to you & I suspect its why he told members to keep out of it .

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Re: Rafting operation for the ..... Mataura!

Post by WildAngler » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:19 pm

No, we are not the same, Phillip. I don't have most of the river users calling for my blood.

I don't have to justify my guiding practices to you. You focussing on them, rather than the own lack of merit in your application, is the discussion here.

And when asked three basic questions, you keep deflecting and using xenophobic whataboutism.

Do us all a favour and answer three basic questions, or you are just proving our point.

1) If you're so certain your application has merit, why not call for public notification?

2) Why not call for impact studies?

3) Why not ask Southland Fish and Game to ask license holders to vote on the proposal?

I think you and everyone else knows why.

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