4 day south island trip next week...

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4 day south island trip next week...

Post by WarwickOz » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:25 pm

Hi everyone, fantastic site! A mate an I from the Gold Coast have made a spur of the moment decision to head over to The South Island for 4 days from flying in on the afternoon of Wed the 1st of March to Sunday the 5th.

The plan is to arrive in Christchurch with packs and a tent, hire a car and then venture off... although late notice it would be amazing to get a guide for the Thursday and/or Friday and as it will be our first trip over, a beautiful location is a much of a desire as the fishing.

I have read through a lot of the existing posts and it seems like there are many fantastic options. Given the short time frame we were hoping for any advice on where might be a good starting point, any contacts for guides and any flies to start tying in preparation.

We are both pretty keen hikers and happy to walk long distances and camp (where allowed) to head into the back country.

Any advice would be really appreciated and happy to pass on any bass fishing tips around the Gold Coast in return should anyone ever venture this way :)



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