Moving from Canada!

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Moving from Canada!

Post by dxh » Sat Oct 22, 2016 9:06 am

Hey guys,

Coming to NZ in November on a working holiday visa for a year! I'm an avid catch and release fly fisherman here in southern AB and have been at it about twelve years now. I'm looking for some general advice on what city I should be calling home to put me close to some of the best trout streams NZ has to offer. I am very excited to visit your beautiful country and see all it has to offer. Any advice anyone can give me will be very much appreciated. This will be my first backpacking trip and will be staying in hostels until I can find a place to call home and a part time job there. Ideally I will be looking for a place close enough to some good streams that I will be able to maybe car pool with someone or rent a car for a day or two and get to easily. My funds are limited so transportation will be my biggest obstacle. Thanks in advance guys!

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Re: Moving from Canada!

Post by flyfish » Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:08 pm

If you're thinking large city's then Christchurch, Invercargill or Dunedin springs to mind, all South Island. However you'd also encounter the greater angling pressure there. North Island there is Wellington, great fishing but often thwarted by rubbish weather! If you are looking at smaller towns, then Queenstown, Cromwell, Blenheim and Nelson in the south and Palmerston North, Masterton, Taupo, Rotorua in the north would be a good start. Heaps of variables... Greater scenery in the south in general, north has good overall fish numbers, but usually smaller average size and 50/50 browns and bows mix. If you are trophy hunting, then Twizel, North Canterbury and Rotorua are generally your areas. Too many options!...


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Re: Moving from Canada!

Post by Kmalone » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:52 am

I'm from Calgary too! i have a dream of moving to NZ. When are you leaving? Im going to be there for a short time in FEB.

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