St Arnaud 2nd week November Fly suggestions

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james best
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St Arnaud 2nd week November Fly suggestions

Post by james best » Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:39 pm

Hi ,
Based St Arnaud for a week at the start of November. Was looking for some advice on what dry and nymph patterns and sizes to take. Any advice appreciated.
Thanks , James

Andy W
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Re: St Arnaud 2nd week November Fly suggestions

Post by Andy W » Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:39 am

47 views – either none of us know, or everyone is fishing.

If you’re figuring on fishing the local rivers then the following will be called for:
Caddis nymph. Can be Hare and copper, H&C bead head, H&C soft hackle, or even a proper caddis imitation…

Mayfly nymph and dry. Don’t know what the prominent species is up there – have always made do with my usual WCJ (wee chestnut job) which is natural possum fur dubbed and a bit of thin skin in brown, a bead to get it down and brown legs… For the dry I favour Adams Parachute, only cause I can’t tie winged flies to save myself.

Something to support the first as an indicator fly if you want to double up on your chances of catching that fish that takes your bloody indicator… You can use a large Adams Indicator fly – had a few trout take them  Otherwise a Humpy works fine.

Hopefully some others will offer some suggestions or point you at the best options – and you will not go wrong asking Steve at the for his opinion.

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