Visiting South Island in December and January

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Visiting South Island in December and January

Post by bbonthefly » Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:44 pm

Quick introduction. My names Brennan Baker. Im 29 years old and from Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Avid angler and in my opinion not a bad guy either :lol:

Might be a tad early but starting to do my research. Decided to finally knock South Island off the bucket list. Looking for any help or suggestions. Im looking to target browns hopefully in somewhat secluded waters. Plan is to rent a van and just trout bum it for a month or two. I was told that the north western area of South Island is where I should be researching. But Im open to other suggestions as well? Wouldnt mind a couple good guides to contact? Not really in my budget but feel like at least one or two guided trips might be worth it just for the knowledge. Also any books people suggest and good fly shops in that area? Any info on what to expect that time of year. I realize google is a magical tool and I'll be doing lots of different research. Just figured I'd put a word out here as well. Anything helps. I want to be wildly over prepared for this adventure.

Thanks all ;)

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Re: Visiting South Island in December and January

Post by Dewey.sbag » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:40 pm

Check out the site
They are in Gore. I bought the book the Mataura which is very comprehensive with all access point over tge whokle river. We are head over from Oz in January and will be fishing Canterbury, Otago and Southland regions. We went over last year and fished the Taupo area. I used a guide from Turangi called Ken Drummond. He took me to a river i didn't even know and I got 30 rainbows in one day all around 4lb.
Guides are expensive but they will put you onto fish as well as giving hints for other rivers in an area.
Hope that is helpful.
Tight loops mate

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Re: Visiting South Island in December and January

Post by Eric_the_king » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:40 pm

I would definitely recommend going with a guide for at least a day and can recommend Anton Donaldson He's based in the Tasman region. Go with a guide early in your trip and you'll learn loads about fishing that area. Really is world class fishing there.

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