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RE: Narrowing down location- from London, UK

Post by chrisknox100 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:29 pm

Hi guys- new member here from London, UK but originally hail from and regularly fly fish the Wiltshire chalkstreams such as the Avon ! Been looking over the website for the last year and interested in flyfishing in NZ since my early 20s (late 20s now). My friend has recently moved over to live in Tauranga and planning on visiting NZ for the first time late November/early December this year. As it's my first time and I don't drive, I was planning on biting the bullet of cost and arranging a few guided days. I wasn't planning on this being a full-on flyfishing trip and want to spend time with my friend as well, so just trying to debate where I should dedicate those guided days. I've used that NZ flyfishing interactive map alongside google maps for years and find it pretty overwhelming.

My initial trip plan is something like this: Auckland > Tauranga > Wellington via Auckland (scenic train from Auckland)> potential fish around Wellington> ferry to Picton> guided fishing Nelson/Marlborough or take an internal flight to fish the West Coast)> ferry back to Wellington> train to Auckland> London (over a 2.5 to 3 week period).

Obviously a hugely open ended question, but based on the above if you guys had to select a couple of premium flyfishing days guided somewhere along my route where would you pick? (would be willing to go off track via internal flights too). Also, would it be feesible to DIY flyfish the odd day around Tauranga and Wellington (know there's the Hutt etc etc.).

Apologies in advance for what is i'm sure a bit of an open ended noddy first post !



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Re: RE: Narrowing down location- from London, UK

Post by Al Greig » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:30 am

Hi Chris,
I'm a newly registered user to this forum, but a Scot who has visited NZ a few times to fish. I've just done it non-guided - but there are some amazingly helpful guides you'll find on social media if you look. I can think of five or six whose feeds I follow, one of whom I met whilst blootered years ago down south, and another three or four that are all thus interlinked. Its a small community, and word and reputation travels fast. They are out there, looking for custom - and I'm sure will provide an amazing experience. I guess NZ anglers are now pretty protective of this fabulous resource - more so than in previous years, which is maybe why you haven't had a response thus far. I hope you can find what you want - it is truly a fabulous country, populated by amazingly friendly people. Nobody wants to give away their best spots - but the truth is that there're trout just about everywhere in NZ - and the most fun is to be had simply prospecting! That's what I've always done - and it rarely disappoints. You'll maybe meet some Kiwis on the river or lake too - and they'll be almost invariably helpful. Be humble on the stream - you'll find pals that way, I'm sure! Tight lines, Al.

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Re: RE: Narrowing down location- from London, UK

Post by Maniototoflyfisher » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:07 pm

Hi Chris - haven't replied to your post before for a couple of reasons - I live in the lower South Island and don't know much about trout fishing in the North Island. The other reason is that it'll be quite difficult to get to rivers and lakes without a driving licence. Public transport between Auckland - Tauranga - Wellington will be fine but to get out to fishing waters you will have to hitchhike or pay for a taxi - or find a fishing buddy with a car!
Since you say you're happy to engage a guide I'd suggest you contact Miles Rushmer guiding. From his website he's based in Mount Maunganui close to Tauranga. If he can fit you in for a day or twos guiding you may even find for a small fee he would drop you off at a river to self guide on other days if he's going past - from Derek Grzelewski's book "The Trout Bohemia" he sounds like a good guy!

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