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Percy - a flymph for Rainbows

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:19 pm
by Southshore
Hooks: 8 10 12
Threads: Deep Gold Madeira embroidery silk (body only)
Blue Madeira silk for securing the hackle & dubbing
Bead head: Tungsten silver 2-4mm
Body: Deep Gold Madeira silk thread (single thread)
Rib: Very fine flat tinsel
Collar: Blue dubbing from teased out blue wool
Hackle : Fine silver & blue sparkly stuff (ex Clouser Minnow)

Method: Fit bead, wind gold thread towards rear and tie in the rib, then form slim oval body from winds of gold thread, bring rib forward, secure and tie off the thread.
Tie on the blue thread and lay 8-9 strands of sparkly stuff parallel with the hook behind the bead and secure in the middle. Bring the front bits back over and anchor with a narrow dubbed collar. Trim the hackle square and level with the end of the hook and keep the hackle sparse.

While not strictly a Czech nymph It can be used for Czech nymphing. As it swings across the bottom at the end of the cast, head down, it may imitate a little fish trying to find a hiding place among the stones (or may not).
Blue silver & gold are the colours of the Blue Marlin (order Perciformes) that frequent the waters off Madeira in Spain but are rarely seen in Taupo waters, although I would prefer them to catfish, and imagine the excitement of hooking one out harling and getting towed over to Whakaipo Bay at 50 knots of more. The Marlin was inspiration for the flymph.
Blue is also a common colour among North American and Canadian steelhead patterns and I used it in a small size on little creeks when I visited Ebor County NSW where equally little 6inch rainbows attacked it with enthusiasm. When I'm back in Turangi 2019 I'll drift this one down the Poutu pool and others and see how it works on the big fellas.


Re: Percy - a flymph for Rainbows

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:57 pm
by Southshore