Spidey flies

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Spidey flies

Post by Southshore » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:38 pm

This is a simple go-to sinker I use in quick or murky water for rainbows who do tend to go for flies with legs.
Simple to tie with few materials; a 3-4mm tungsten bead on a small strong hook, followed by black thread to the bend and tie in a fine silver tinsel. Build up an oval body and bring the tinsel straight over to behind the bead and tie off. For the legs I use 20lb mono, burning the ends and dotting with a black permanent marker. There's a bit of glitter in it. Ideal hook size is #12 and you can tie up a half dozen in no time short. This one tied on a Daiichi 2571 Boss Steelhead, a heavy & strong hook with barb squashed.


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