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Fly swap rules..

Post by Johnno » Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:58 pm

Copied from the old forum


Just a few rules for everyone to follow to make things easy and have everyone going in the same direction.

1. If you put your name down you are committed. No pull outs near the end unless absolute disaster befalls you. If you need to pull out let the swapmeister know as soon as possible so that someone else can jump in, otherwise the swapmeister may have to tie another set to cover yours.

2. Pack flies in a suitable item (Streamers, wets and nymphs are usually adequately sent just in an envelope - use containers for dries or if there are dries in the swap.) Label the flies with your name, and the name of your creation.

3. And add a SAE for return flies. (Thats STAMPED addressed envelope!) If you wish for it to be track - and - traced, please supply appropriate prepaid packaging.

4. Overseas swappers are welcome, but check via PM with the swapmeister first just to make sure. Especially to make arrangements for postage (for example, extra flies in lieu of postage etc etc)

5. Put in a few extra flies for the swapmeister for his efforts in hosting the swap.

6. Stick to the theme of the swap if there is one.

7. At least one full set. For example: 12 in the swap then 12 flies to be sent in. OK you will get one of your own back, but it's so much easier for the swapmeister to make the sets up to send out to everyone. If you want, you can place a second (or third!) set in.

8. It's not a huge commitment to get the flies tied up and if they are due in on X date, then have them in by that time. You will usually have at least 8 weeks and thats plenty of time for a dozen or so flies.

9. Obvious but sometimes it inadvertently happens: Respect privacy and don't post the swapmeister's address, phone number, email etc publicly without checking with them first.

10. No one cares if you are a beginner or the world champion. The whole point of fly swaps is to practice tying, get a few flies and recipes you would not otherwise have and to gain contacts and friends from all over the place.

11. Swapmeisters: Keep the swap numbers realistic. Usually 10 - 15 swappers is plenty manageable.

12. Swapmeisters: Keep everyone's interest up with regular updates of flies received, time left to tie in, comments on the flies etc etc.

Steve Gerard

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